Privacy Policy

Anna Lee Grace Blog is committed to preserving its users’ privacy and to protecting any information that is gathered by the site.  The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to comply with the laws of the United States requiring websites to disclose to users what personal information is being collected by that site and how such information is used and/or shared.     

Anna Lee Grace Blog collects users’ first and last names and email addresses.

Users’ personal information is used for purposes of informing Anna Lee Grace as to who is accessing information on her site.  Users’ personal information may also be used to notify, alert, or otherwise inform users of the site as to new content, to send offers or promotions, to make announcements or advertisements, or to otherwise disseminate information to users of the site.

Anna Lee Grace Blog will not share users’ personal information with third-parties without users’ consent.  The only exception to this would be if Anna Lee Grace had a good-faith belief that sharing a user’s personal information was necessary to comply with the law or to protect the rights or safety of other users, to enforce the Terms of Use of this site, or to otherwise prevent fraud or other harm.  Anna Lee Grace shall not be responsible for, assumes no responsibility for, and shall be held harmless for sharing a user’s personal information and any damage or loss that results from the sharing of such personal information if Anna Lee Grace had the good-faith belief that sharing such information complied with one of the exceptions to not otherwise sharing personal information as outlined herein.

As stated in the Terms of Use for this Site, this site may provide links to other websites.  Users should be aware that the Privacy Policy of other websites linked by this site may be significantly different from this Privacy Policy.  Parties who visit a different site by clicking a link on this site are responsible for checking that third-party’s Privacy Policy and Anna Lee Grace does not assume liability and shall be held harmless for any information that is gathered, used, or shared by another website or any damage or loss resulting from the gathering, usage, or sharing of such information by a third-party website that is linked by this site.

Anna Lee Grace Blog uses cookies in order to improve this site’s functionality.  Each party using this site may limit or prohibit the use of cookies on his or her own personal device.  However, limiting or prohibiting the use of cookies may limit the user’s ability to view, use, or otherwise access some or all of the content contained on this site.

Anna Lee Grace may modify this Privacy Policy without consultation with or notification to any third-party. Any modification to the Privacy Policy is at the sole and absolute discretion of Anna Lee Grace and said modifications will be effective immediately upon being posted to this site’s Privacy Policy page. It is the duty of any third-party using, viewing, or accessing this site to review the Privacy Policy on a continuing basis to be aware of any changes to the Privacy Policy. Continuing to use, view, or access this site after the modification of any portion of the Privacy Policy, indicates a third-party’s agreement to the Privacy Policy. If a party does not agree to a change in the Privacy Policy, then that party may not use