What do I do for my workouts?

I currently start each day with at least 30 minutes of fasted cardio. I encourage you to research the pros and cons of fasted cardio before starting it. Normally my 30 minutes will include with riding the Peloton bike or walking at an incline with 5lb ankle weights on each ankle. I also try to incorporate Kayla Itsines BBG program, into my workouts.

How do i edit my photos?

I use Dreamy Presets, Millenial Pink preset, for Lightroom Mobile. Here is the link!

How long have you been blogging for?

I started my Instagram back in May of 2017. I am now OFFICIALLY a blogger though with the launch of this blog!! (all of the praise hands!!)


What is you best advice for starting a blog or Instagram?

My best piece of advice is to be patient. You’re not going to grow overnight! I would also add, engagement is KEY!!! Like, comment, and follow new bloggers daily! When I started my blog, I followed probably 100 new people a day! Make sure before starting, if you really want to make it a big thing, that you have the time to allocate to growth. I didn’t even look up from my phone for the first year almost. Its very time intensive!

Why do you and your husband get to travel so much?

We are business owners. So in addition to running both my Instagram and my blog, I help him daily at the office, with running our business. Thankfully though, we can work from anywhere. We also want to travel as much as we can before we have kids!